Technology interface to integrate multiple hotel suppliers through a single connection

apiNemo is a technological interface that allows tour operators and online travel agencies to integrate the content of the hotel products that are distributed through NEMO’s integrated suppliers.

  • apiNemo is very easy to integrate and with less than a month of development you can have all the hotel aggregation content you need.

    NEMO provides developers with documentation and access to development environments, as well as the assistance of specialised staff.

NEMO has a portfolio of more than 200 accommodation content partners that have already joined its network, including: bed banks, chains and independent hotels, as well as incoming tour operators and hotel representatives who choose us to sell their products, with many new ones joining our network every month.

  • apiNemo provides 7 fully documented services

    1. Search for availability
    2. Product validation
    3. Obtaining information from hotel fact sheets
    4. Rate cancellation policies
    5. Hotel Reservation
    6. Booking cancellation
    7. Booking enquiry