Technology, service and content for tour operations

Since 1996, NEMO has been developing technological solutions for the tourism industry, mostly focused on the online tour operation business.

Although NEMO began as a boutique software factory focused on the development of customized technological projects, for more than 10 years it has launched its own reservation platforms on the market, leveraging all its experience and knowledge of the complex tourism business.

From multi-product, multi-channel and multi-vendor booking platforms, which are marketed in a software as a service (SaaS) revenue model, to very complex systems for profitability optimization, NEMO covers a wide spectrum of needs in the travel industry.

NEMO is synonymous with technology, services and content for tour operations

NEMO is much more than an IT company focused on tourism and our clients value this great differential.

NEMO is above all an organization made up of a great team of interdisciplinary professionals who love what they do and this translates into fundamental issues but also forms, that is, results and also a warm, friendly and personalized treatment.

NEMO is characterized by working side by side with its clients, through clear objectives and the mission of growing their business in an organic and orderly manner.

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Premium multi-product booking platform designed for tour operators and online agencies.

Reservation platform focused on the segment of small and medium tour operators of terrestrial products.