Technological development of customized technological projects

As NEMO is a boutique Software Factory with almost 20 years of expertise in tourism, we are able to help you realise your projects, taking your ideas from paper to the online world smoothly.

We are motivated by challenges and our main differential is to have a staff of professionals with outstanding know-how who love technology and innovation.

We have software assets, modules and components already programmed that allow us to reduce time to market and development costs. Our preferred working method is “contracting by project” or “turnkey” because that is where we can provide all the added value of our team and dedicate it entirely to your business.

Nemo has extensive experience in developing travel portals based on the Dynamic Packaging concept. In 2004 it developed PEPETRAVEL for the Globalia Group, being the first portal of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula and obtaining the Alimara Award from the University of Catalonia for the best travel portal in Spain.

In 2010 it developed VIAGEMLISTO, the first portal with Dynamic Packaging launched in Latin America. In 2013 it developed the web services with Dynamic Packaging for the travel portal of the Transatlántica Grupo, the first one in Argentina to use this technology.