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Living the culture of Nemo!

Our business culture is based on excellence, innovation and collaboration. As leaders in the development of technology for the tourism industry, we value diversity and the ability to adapt as fundamental pillars of our success.

Our teams, strategically distributed in different regions of the world, operate under a dynamic modality that allows us to stay agile and responsive to the needs of the global market. This structure provides us with the flexibility to address complex challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the tourism sector.

One of the distinctive characteristics of our teams is their cultural and professional diversity. We have talent from various countries and disciplines, which allows us to enrich our solutions with unique perspectives and varied experiences. This diversity drives us to constantly seek excellence and push the limits of innovation in every project we undertake.

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For any questions or queries you may have, Nemo is present!

At the core of our operation is our outstanding team of software engineers. These highly trained professionals are the driving force behind our cutting-edge technology, working tirelessly to develop robust, scalable solutions that meet the demands of our customers around the world.

However, at Nemo, we are not only dedicated to technical excellence, we also value integrity, ethics, and a commitment to teamwork. We foster an environment of collaboration and mutual respect, where each team member has the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

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Our offices

Home sweet home. We are very proud of our modern facilities, which we live in like a second home. Therefore, we want to share a bit of these magnificent offices in Rosario, the city of Messi, Argentina, where sharing “mate” and hearing words like “che” or “boludo” are part of the everyday life of sharing and enjoying what we do, which so characterizes us Argentinians.

Fairs and Trade Missions

We love to travel, participate in trade fairs and missions, and above all, be very close to our clients and strategic business allies. We are deeply enthusiastic about meeting new people, sharing experiences, learning, and discussing how Nemo can help them in their business. We take human contact very seriously and create long-term relationships.

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