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Always giving the present!

At Nemo, our passion for exploring goes beyond geographical boundaries. We love walking through the most emblematic corners of the world, immersing ourselves in cultural diversity and discovering the treasures that each city has to offer. But what really moves us, what drives us to cross borders and travel kilometers, is the genuine desire to connect with you.

We understand that behind each company there is a unique story. That’s why at Nemo we take the art of human contact very seriously. It is not just about developing technology for the tourism industry, it is about creating links, building solid and lasting relationships.

We are present in the most important cities in the world because we know the value of knowing our clients and partners personally. Our team is not only limited to offering you innovative technological solutions, but is also there, at your side, ready to listen to your needs, understand your challenges and work with you to achieve your goals.

Connect with us

For any questions or queries you may have, Nemo is present!

Every trip is an opportunity to grow, to learn and to inspire each other. That’s why at Nemo we don’t just provide you with tools, we offer you experiences. We are involved every step of the way, from planning to execution, to ensure your transformation is a unique journey.

Always remember that at Nemo we are close, because more than a technology company, we are your travel companions, your allies in achieving new goals.

Welcome aboard!

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Our offices

Home sweet home. We are very proud of our modern facilities, which we live in like a second home. Therefore, we want to share a bit of these magnificent offices in Rosario, the city of Messi, Argentina, where sharing “mate” and hearing words like “che” or “boludo” are part of the everyday life of sharing and enjoying what we do, which so characterizes us Argentinians.

Our culture

Conveying our values, which promote professional talent at the same level as the quality of the human person, permeates every decision we make. They are present in all the interactions we have with our teams and our clients, as they are part of the company’s deeply rooted foundational philosophy. This is why, when choosing a technology provider, so many travel companies unhesitatingly turn to Nemo.

Contact with us