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A little of what makes us unique:

Bookings with Price Navigator

Nemo is the leading IT company in technological adoption in Latin America and its Price Navigator reservation platform is based on a low-cost SAAS (software as a service) business model focused on the production of reservations. Join now our large network of clients who have been successful in developing their businesses based on technology and professional assistance.

Integration through our own API

Nemo can be your strategic product aggregator since it has accessible technology for those who have their own reservation tools and only want to consume tourist content from hundreds of providers through a single, simple connection.

High-quality and varied tourist content

Nemo provides you with a great diversity of tourist content in all types of destinations, whether global bedbanks or DMCs of specific regions whose tourist attractions are in high demand. Explore our entire portfolio of suppliers here to be more competitive.

Service Oriented Towards Productivity

Nemo is the only technology provider with such a clear and precise approach to helping increase the productivity of its customers. Personalized account executives with deep knowledge of the travel business, training and ongoing assistance, coupled with the use of business intelligence tools, will help you increase business volume like never before.

The Largest B2B Network in Latam

Nemo invites you to be an active part of the largest B2B distribution network in Latam in more than 20 countries, giving you OneShot access to hundreds of clients and content providers without barriers to entry. Because what interests us most is that your business can expand and grow without limits. Clients who become suppliers and vice versa are commonplace in our network of strategic partners, what are you waiting for to be part?

Personalized and Friendly Service

Nemo is very clear that technology is increasingly a vital tool when it comes to tour operations, however the human factor “makes the difference” where warmth and knowledge of the travel business generate close ties that make our clients feel very comfortable. Nobody thinks as much about your travel business as Nemo, which is why we have hundreds of cases over more than 25 years of experience that prove it. That’s why we like to say that at Nemos we are TECHNOLOGICAL BUT ABOVE ALL HUMAN.

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Fairs and Trade Missions

We love to travel, participate in trade fairs and missions, and above all, be very close to our clients and strategic business allies. We are deeply enthusiastic about meeting new people, sharing experiences, learning, and discussing how Nemo can help them in their business. We take human contact very seriously and create long-term relationships.

Our Offices

Home sweet home. We are very proud of our modern facilities, which we live in like a second home. Therefore, we want to share a bit of these magnificent offices in Rosario, the city of Messi, Argentina, where sharing “mate” and hearing words like “che” or “boludo” are part of the everyday life of sharing and enjoying what we do, which so characterizes us Argentinians.

Our Culture

Conveying our values, which promote professional talent at the same level as the quality of the human person, permeates every decision we make. They are present in all the interactions we have with our teams and our clients, as they are part of the company’s deeply rooted foundational philosophy. This is why, when choosing a technology provider, so many travel companies unhesitatingly turn to Nemo.

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